I am an author, editor, and content strategist with expertise in health, science, and lifestyle writing. As a writer and editor, I have worked with national and international brands such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, AARP The Magazine, EatingWell, Prevention, SELF, Health, Everyday Health, Vice, and Shape. I have also served as communications director at a highly ranked engineering college, leading internal and external communications strategies and marketing efforts to bolster the organization’s reputation and generate revenue.  

Do you need help expanding your influence or crafting the perfect copy for your brand? I can turn your ideas into relatable, engaging prose to connect you with your target readers and customers. I have a knack for explaining complex subjects to general audiences. Often this involves interviewing experts – Ph.D.s, M.D.s, and other folks with serious credentials –to uncover answers to the questions we all wonder about, such as why some people love to watch pimple-popping videos and what antioxidants actually are. I have written and edited hundreds of articles; read more on my Contently page. 

Whether you want to tell compelling narratives, deliver information–whatever your goal– I can help. Check out my services and drop me a message to get in touch.